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Let’s Talk About What Happened to the Blog, Part 2

Hi, Aaron here. How are you?

That’s nice. Send the missus my best.

Moving along: This past weekend, fellow co-founder Nick Cummings updated our Facebook status with an explanation of sorts. To paraphrase, he wrote why we don’t do much of anything anymore. You can read it in full by clicking this.

Not that it needs to be said (or re-said depending on who’s reading), but we don’t make a living off of Silicon Sasquatch; it’s our hobby. Actually, to call this a hobby would imply we spend significant amounts of time and effort posting articles and cropping images when we aren’t working full-time jobs. We don’t.

Nick and I had many grandiose plans for the “brand” of the blog over the years, but slowly those dreams faded under the pressure of reality. Moving out of your parents’ house costs money.

So what is the problem? Why don’t we write about videogames like we used to?

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